The world we inhabit is an ambivalent place thriving between the horror of daily stasis and desire for a sense of belonging. I begin by seeking out sites where sentimental markers of a home undergo distortion and raise a feeling of displacement.

Emerging technologies complement my appreciation for rare crafts and precious artefacts. I lean on traditional materials to uphold the digitalised circumstances under which my work is produced. Both automated computer-controlled production tools and their preceding hands-on printmaking processes appear in my practice as a means of acknowledging the imminent layers at hand – tireless iteration can lead to the ultimate one-off and repetition stimulates difference.

Uncommon goods hide in plain sight of the mundane, revealing the mechanisms that resist our homogenised surroundings, following the homespun until it becomes sublime. My favourite motives hide in objects and venues with often pre-ordained meanings or irresistible purposes. Picture frames and porcelain dolls, club parties and roller coaster rides – stripping these of their designated roles and familiar contexts turns them into ambiguous misfits. Their weakened conceptual guides make for a neutral space designed to reflect the observer intimately rather than, for lack of a better word, reality itself.